Sylvester Date Palm (Phoenix sylvestris)

Other Names: Silver Date Palm

Very similar to the Canary Island Date Palm, the Sylvester Date is a massive tree with a beautiful reddish trunk and large canopy of up to 100 fronds as long as 9 feet. Often their trunks are cut to show off a uniform pattern of diamond shaped boots. 

Size: Can grow from about 12 feet to a possible 50 feet (though rare in SC), and grows very slowly.

Cold hardiness: Cold hardy in zones 8b through 11.

Culture: Requires a lot of full sun, and is moderately resistant to salt. Resistant to drought and grows in a diverse collection of soil types.

Landscape use: The best palm tree for southeastern coastal plantings, the Palmetto Palm is a symbol of the "sea islands" landscape. It has been used in all sorts of landscaper styles and situations. The Palmetto actually tends to have a loose, wild look that can make it look somewhat out of place in formal settings. Watering during dry spells, fertilizing, and pruning off dead leaves can sharpen its appearance up.