***Now that we are moving into fall/winter we suggest waiting until next spring to plant any variety of Date palms along with Washingtonia palms, Chinese fan palms and Ribbon fan palms.***

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Our palm selection includes every known variety of palm trees and bamboo that will live and thrive in this region. Currently, twenty varieties are in our Catalog and easily attained.

Planting palms isn't our only service either. It is our pleasure to meet with our customers, free of charge, and provide experienced consultations. We will work with you on your palm plan until it suits your site's specific needs. Once the planting is completed, we provide our customers with a maintenance and watering schedule so there is no guesswork involved. All trees planted are accompanied by a one-year warranty (See FAQ for info).

Feel free to email us or give us a call on our Contact Us page, or request a quote for your job using the buttons below.


Some some great examples of our work below!

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