Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis)

Other Names: Pineapple Palm

Very formal in appearance with a single, large canopy of 50-150 stiffly arched fronds. Has a spiny, diamond shaped pattern to the trunk. This is a very slow growing tree and is very drought resistant.

Cold hardiness: Leaf loss occurs in prolonged periods of 20 degrees and below. This palm thrives in warm, sunny weather.

Size: The height can get up to 35'-40' feet, with a trunk width of up to 3 feet and leaf spread of 25 feet. Grow very, very slowly.

Landscape use: Grand tropical centerpieces, formal specimens, they compliment a Mediterranean style. The very impressive scar pattern on the trunk adds to its ornamental nature. Lots of growth room should be given.

Other notes: Thrives in well-drained soil. Over irrigation may increase susceptibility to fungal diseases. Transplanting these large specimens should be done with extreme care, not to damage the irreplaceable heart, or create stress. The Palmetto weevil easily invades stressed plants.