• Our scheduling process makes it possible for us to visit multiple job sites in one workday. Unlike landscape and construction companies who may only work 1 or 2 job sites in a day, our crews will stop at an average of 6 to 8 job sites on any given day. Our starting point is at our nursery located on Johns Island but we work as far away as Edisto Beach, Summerville, Moncks Corner, and Awendaw. Due to the distance we travel, multiple stops we make, and normal traffic congestion, we try and schedule jobs that are in the same general area together.

The Process

  1. We receive your order.

  2. Our client marks the site where they want the palms planted. If the client has visited our nursery, they can use flags that we provide for them. Otherwise, the client can use any flag, wooden stake, cone, or spray paint to mark where they would like the palms planted.

  3. Our representative stops by on his time and looks at the site to check for tree locations, tractor access, possible obstructions or utility issues. Then the order is confirmed.

  4. Upon confirmation we schedule your work with other jobs we have in the area.

  5. We contact you a day or two prior to coming out and doing the work.

  6. Then we come out and plant your palms.

Why aren’t we there yet?

  • Weather causes most of our scheduling delays, heat in the summer, cold in the winter, and rain year round are issues we have to work around daily. Mother nature does not always cooperate. Unfortunately when rain makes one site unworkable, it causes us to reschedule all of the jobs for that day.

Traffic and road Construction

  • Sometimes our crews just cannot make it to all of the job sites we have scheduled in a day due to the amount of time spent in the truck traveling from one job site to another.

Unexpected Issues On Job Site

  • We never really know what we might come across while digging to plant your tree. Stumps, old septic systems, bricks/rocks or even an old utility line that is no longer in use or a current utility line that was not supposed to be there. All of these things can cause delays varying in time.